My name is Catrina Corley and I’m a design student at Cornell University. My major is Fiber Science and Apparel Design. This space is a dynamic portfolio updated with the work I complete while in school.

My design journey began with costuming and making costumes for science fiction fans at Space City Costumes. While in business, I learned what worked and what needed improvement. This is when I decided I needed more information about how to successfully run an apparel-based business. While I loved making costumes, I wanted to explore other garments like women’s ready-to-wear, uniforms, smart textiles, and the other recent developments in textile technology.

Inspiration comes to me in various forms but my biggest influences are space – especially retro futurism and the clean, sleek lines of modern science fiction, 40’s glamour, 50’s housewives, cluttered details of gypsies, vintage maps, nautical themes, and large, striking accent pieces.

I will be graduating in May 2016 and will be looking for opportunities in the apparel industry that include design, product development, management, and possibly operations. Please add me on LinkedIn to connect.