Levi Strauss & Company: Made for the World

As part of my stay in Cornell in Washington, I had to write a 45-paged/10,000 word paper for the class PAM 4060 – Politics and Policy: Theory, Research, and Practice. My initial interest was to chart the path and reason why most of the apparel in the United States is now outsourced to foreign producers. Tackling the whole history of outsourcing was an enormous task for a semester so I found one of the oldest U.S. apparel companies — Levi Strauss & Company — and charted their path from domestic to foreign production over the course of their history.

I learned so many fascinating things about the Levi’s brand. There was enough information to get a general understanding of how the U.S. path to outsourcing was paved. Below are highlights of what I discovered. I may publish my findings in the future.

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